Five romantic rituals to symbolise your commitment

There are lots of ways to make your wedding, elopement, vow renewal or any other ceremony extra unique and romantic. 

Unity rituals are a wonderful way to symbolise your commitment to each other, do something together which feels very personal or create a keepsake to take home with you, to remember your special day together. 


Create a time capsule

This could be done in many ways and is completely customisable for every couple, For example, you could write a love letter to each other which you read out during the ceremony, or not!, and store away in your time capsule to open and read again in years to come. You could add in natural elements from your surroundings, polaroid photos of your day, items you wore during the ceremony such as a bow tie, earrings, a brooch. 


Paint local pebbles or carve into drift wood

Having your ceremony on a cliff edge or a beach? You could paint each others names, your wedding date or ceremony date and your destination onto pebbles with chalk pens and take them home to display, or carve them into drift wood. The photos of you doing this together will be very sweet, too! 

(Please be respectful and considerate to the environment.)


Mix a drink

The blending of flavours can be very symbolic, for example, take a gin and tonic – strong, full of spirit, lively, bubbly and fizzing with excitement.

Does one of you drink white wine and the other red? The blending of the two can symbolise you as a couple, your strengths, your dynamic, the things you like and making compromises to live in harmony. You can each take a glass of the wine you like, blend them and each take a drink. 


The tying of the knot

There is no better way to symbolise you tying the knot than, yep, literally tying a knot. You can use cords, colour ribbons, personal items (a tie, a scarf) or something from a local gift shop to keep and remember your location. Then, after you’ve exchanged vows and kissed, the celebrant would explain the meaning and how to perform the tying, and you would tie your items together, and keep them that way to take home. 


A rose or flower ceremony

Giving flowers to the one you love is a show of affection, romance and adoration.

The giving of a single red rose is a clear and unmistakable way of saying “I love you”. By exchanging a rose, or giving flowers to one another during your ceremony, you can create a new tradition of using the specific flower chosen for your elopement as a way to celebrate your anniversary, apologise to one another or just simply show the other “I love you”.


If you’d like more ideas for your elopement or intimate destination wedding ceremony, feel free to get in touch and ask for advice and inspiration. 



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