Muriel + Joseph

Sahara Desert


This Moroccan elopement has it all – from outfits, locations, and traditional, local experiences

Muriel and Joseph had a unique and stunning elopement in the desert of Marrakech, Morocco.


With their photographer Aljosa Petric, they organised an incredible day that featured 5 locations and 4 outfit changes, travelling from the old town of Marrekech to scenic spots around the city, into the desert and to their ceremony location. 


They started the day in casual attire, strolling traditional old streets and sitting at a lookout spot to take in the panoramic views. 

As they ventured out of the city walls, they changed into their second outfit and experienced wilder scenes of mountains and lakes.


At their next stop, Joseph and Muriel changed into traditional Moroccon dress and Muriel had her hands painted with Moroccon Henna, a popular local tradition for special occasions. 


They jumped once more into their Jeep and drove into the desert, having photos together with the dramatic backdrop of the sand dunes and camel tours on the horizon, before taking a camel ride of their own into a nearby desert camp. 


At the camp, they made their final outfit change of the day into the wedding outfits, with Muriel in a beautiful white wedding dress and floral crown and Joseph in a summery white shirt and white trousers, both of them offset by the traditional red patterned carpets and orange sands. 


They stood and exchanged their vows to each other, before strolling through the desert for some dramatic photography and creating unforgettable, once in a lifetime moments together. 


After their intimate ceremony, they sat down as newlyweds and celebrated with some traditional Moroccon mint tea and took in the incredible location they were in and the day they’d had together, before the sun began to set.



Photography: El Momento Perfecto

Wedding Planner and Coordinator: Azul Bereber

Location: Morocco

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