Kinga + Radu



An adventurous elopement and photo shoot in Norway

There’s something so exhilarating about an adventurous Norway elopement.


Radu and Kinga are a couple from Romania, whose relationship is one of friendship turned into love, after Radu first approached Kinga in the airport as they both waited for a flight. 

They already had mutual friends and Radu fancied Kinga, so when he saw her there he decided to strike up a conversation with her. Their friendship soon turned into more, and fast forward to the day of their elopement, it was obvious that Radu still adores Kinga, and that the feeling is mutual. 


They are a very romantic couple and often get lost in the moment with each other, which made eloping perfect for them, as they didn’t have any reasons for distraction and could be led by their feelings and do what they pleased. 


Kinga and Radu flew from Translyvania to Norway the evening before their elopement, checking in to an Airbnb grass-roofed cabin in the clouds. 


The next morning, they got ready and met with their photographer, Emily, and they drove to Aurland to a beautiful Fjord.


They hiked a short distance that led to an incredible view, where they were almost entirely alone, with the exception of a few locals who passed them by and wished them well on their walk up.


Surrounded by nature and in front of the breathtaking backdrop, they helped each other to finish getting ready by putting the final touches to their outfits, and then, full of emotion, Kinga and Radu exchanged their vows to each other. 


Their love for each other was evident throughout the entire day, in the way that they cared for each other, the smiles on their faces and how much fun they had just spending time with each other and sharing those precious moments.


They ran, jumped, cuddled, kissed and wiped the tears of joy from each others eyes. It was the perfect mixture of adventure, romance and quality time spent together. Which is what elopements are all about! 



“Be prepared for the climate and any activities you have planned for your elopement. 

If it’s cold or raining outside, it’s a good idea to bring layers and waterproof shoes/jackets. Also, if you’re hiking, make sure you have comfortable shoes that are good for walking. 

It’s important to be comfortable and prepared so your day can go smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible.” – Emily Kidd



Photography: Emily Kidd

Organizer: Wild Ones  

Wedding Dress: Cherry Williams London

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