Joni + Bryan



A romantic renewal of vows ceremony on a Santorini rooftop

Joni and Brian originally got married in the U.S., and for their one year anniversary, they chose to renew their vows on the gorgeous Greek island of Santorini.


They love the outdoors and spend a lot of time exploring national parks and they wanted to make sure that their romantic vow renewal in Greece captured their sense of adventure.


Joni and Brian hopped on a plane to the isle, famous for its whitewashed buildings, and arrived at their destination, Oia. 


Their day began at the beautiful Museo Grand Hotel in the heart of the island, and they kicked off their anniversary by descending the long stairway from Oia to Ammoudi Bay, where they jumped off from the cliffs and swam in the sea.


After enjoying a sunny afternoon dipping in and out of the water, they ate lunch and headed back to their hotel to refresh and change into the outfits they’d chosen for their romantic exchange of vows.


They wandered through the beautiful, old streets until they arrived at the perfect rooftop with a view. 


They exchanged their vows overlooking Oia and the Mediterranean. 


But the day wasn’t over yet, and Joni, Brian and photographer Anna moved to Imerovigli for the best view of the sunset. 


There, Joni and Brian soaked up the day and took in the incredible beauty Santorini offers. 



Photography: Emily Kidd 

Location: Santorini, Greece


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