An elopement is a small intimate wedding ceremony with only the couple and a few important people there to make it all happen - the celebrant, planner and perhaps a photographer and videographer. Although you could also choose to have a handful of your closet friends and family present with you as witnesses to your special day.

A vow renewal is an opportunity for a couple to renew the vows that they made to each other when they first got married. It is a way to commemorate a love that has deepened or matured between a couple. A vow renewal ceremony is not meant to be a second wedding and it's not legally binding.

The ceremonies we organize are classed as symbolic ceremonies or blessings, which are not legally binding. Note: You need to be aware that it’s not easy to get legally married in a foreign country. In many countries, it is not possible at all unless you are a resident or have been working there for a certain amount of time. We advise you to have the legal ceremony in the country of residence (before or after) your destination wedding.

We are flexible on the number of guests. We usually recommend around 10-15 maximum, to keep your elopement or vow renewal an intimate affair, but it’s of course up to you!

Yes, of course you can! Our wedding celebrant will have a script template which they will personalize for you, and you are free to change, customize and add to it as you like, to make it extra personal and unique to you.

The photographer will photograph you during the ceremony and afterwards around the location of the ceremony. We will deliver the edited high resolution photos on an online gallery a few weeks after the ceremony.

An elopement usually consists of a ceremony and a photoshoot. After the ceremony you are free to head off and celebrate however you like. We can recommend some nice restaurants or activities in the area for you. ;)

Choose your destination first and let us advise you on some of the best spots for your intimate ceremony. Note: If you’re getting married on public land, there won't be permits to apply and pay for. However, if you are choose a private location, there will be a rental fee to be paid, as it's not included in our packages.

The best outdoor lighting happens in the 2 hours around sunrise and sunset, so we usually recommend that the ceremony is held around that time of the day.

We will send you the schedule of your day around two weeks before your elopement or vow renewal. Every couple's wedding timeline is different, depending on the destination, season and venues, but generally speaking, the ceremony is usually around 20 minute long and you will have to factor in the duration of the photoshoot (depending on the package you choose) 6:30

Rain on your wedding day? Although we admit to being control-freaks, the one thing we unfortunately cannot control, is the weather. In the case of bad weather (which we can usually prepare for a day or two in advance, when checking the forecast) we will usually postpone the ceremony for enough time for the rain to pass. In the case of prolonged rain, we advise you to book your wedding night accommodation at a nice hotel, with a suitable communal area where we can hold the ceremony as a last resort.

We offer the service of wedding officiant / celebrant in our packages, but if you prefer to exchange your vows without one, it is possible and we can discuss how this would be done.

No, you don't as the ceremony is not legally binding.

Yes! We will be happy to help you to book any additional services you might need during your stay or on the day of your ceremony, from private car transportation to restaurant recommendations, to a helicopter tour or additional videography. We can assist you with it all - just ask!

There is a deposit to be paid once the contract is signed. If later, you have to move the date, there will be no need for a new deposit. In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable.

No, the only paperwork would be your contract with us as your planners, as for a symbolic ceremony there are no legal requirements to fulfill.

Once you choose Somewhere Crazy for the organization of your elopement or vow renewal, we will ask a 500 EURO deposit to book a date. The deposit is payable via bank transfer. For international payments, we use Transfer Wise, an online money transfer service. Transfer Wise is an extremely transparent service, as they always use the best exchange rates available and tell you all the fees before you pay for any transfer. You can send money through their website or smartphone app, your money is safe and secure and you'll get regular status updates.

Yes! Of course you can. Flowers are subject to floral availability during the time and season of your elopement / vow renewal. However, we will do our best to be able to accommodate your request.

Check our destinations, and if you can't find your dream location, get in touch and let us know. We are based mainly in Europe, but we do travel all year round. If you have a specific location in mind, we will be happy to look into it for you and if possible, will travel to check it out and make your dreams a reality.

The booking process with Somewhere Crazy is easy. Here are the steps to follow: choose a destination and package, then get in touch by filling the inquiry form and we'll arrange a call. If we like each other and you want to book, we'll send you a contract to sign and you'll pay a deposit to secure the booking, and then we can get to work! We'll take care of all the planning and logistics of the event, so that all you need to do is pick out what you're going to wear, and book your flights and accommodation.

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