What is an elopement and why is it so special?

Sometimes planning a wedding can feel a little overwhelming, or, maybe the cost seems daunting, you have difficulty choosing who to invite and who not to, or you just don’t like being the centre of attention and you’re not big on making a fuss?

There are plenty of reasons, personal to you, of why you might not feel like having a wedding day to celebrate your commitment to each other. 


Maybe it isn’t even about not wanting a wedding day – but a specific reason for wanting something a little different. 

For example, a location that you love as a couple, or have always aspired to go to?


Elopements are a wonderful way, whatever the reason, to be together and show each other how much you mean to one another, without any other distractions, plans or people to consider.



What is an elopement?


An elopement is a very intimate ceremony, with just you and your partner present, the person performing the ceremony, and if you want, a photographer or videographer to capture your special moments together. 



The technical definition of “elope” is to ‘run away secretly with the intention of getting married’, and historically it was done without (or because a couple couldn’t get) consent from their parents.


However, the term now covers a much broader meaning and in modern wedding terms it now describes a couple who simply get married away from their hometown and without any guests present. 
It’s no longer about shunning or escaping away from family and friends, it’s about making your wedding day purely about the two of you, wanting to make your commitment to each other in an amazing location, and to spend quality time with one another. 



Intimate ceremonies and “micro-wedding” have also started to become more and more popular, and they stem from the same lovely reasons. The difference is that with these types of weddings ceremonies and celebrations there are a handful of guests invited – the closest family members and friends, the people who mean the most to you and who you want to be there with you to celebrate and witness your union. 


Whether it’s an elopement, an intimate ceremony, a micro-wedding, or any other small celebration of any name, there are so many incredible options when it comes to locations, decor, suppliers that you want to work with and things to do to make your day special and unique. 


Fancy saying your vows in Barcelona, Menorca, Ibiza, Switzerland? On a cliff edge overlooking the sea, at the highest point of an island, in the centre of a buzzing Spanish city, or on top of snow capped mountains? Get in touch with us and let us know what your dream ceremony location is, and we’ll help to make your dreams a reality.

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