Five reasons you should elope in Iceland

Iceland is an incredibly beautiful country and wherever you visit you will easily find an awe-inspiring location to hold your elopement ceremony and create memories and photo opportunities that you will cherish forever. 


Here are just some of the reasons Iceland makes such a magical elopement destination….


  • All year round beauty

Depending on the scenery you are dreaming about for your elopement, there will be an ideal season to visit Iceland in, but all of them have their merits.


Spring, Fall and Winter have far fewer tourists than the summer months, so you can expect to find locations where you are the only souls around, meaning you will have plenty of privacy as you say yours vows, and the most amazing photo opportunities!

It will be very chilly and most likely, depending on your location, snowy! Although this might make travelling around by car or hiking to locations a little more difficult, the scenery you can get definitely makes it worthwhile.

The cold weather and short daylight hours mean that you might need to arrange your plans around those peak hours, but it also means that when the sun goes down, you have the possibility to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), so you can score a tick on your bucket list at the same time! 


In the middle of the summer from June to August, daylight hours increase up to 24 hours a day at it’s peak. 

There are many more tourists during these months, however as the days are long, you could choose a time of day which is unlikely to have too many people around (it might mean getting up early or planning something late at night, but you’ll have the most gorgeous light!).

You also have the opportunity to see Iceland’s wild landscape in it’s full, green glory, hike all day and enjoy the summertime blooms and clear sea views. 



  • Waterfalls

There are SO many waterfalls in Iceland!!

Waterfalls make brilliant backdrops for photos and of course, they are so much fun to hike to / around / behind / over the top of! 

You can say your vows whilst standing in front of the crashing water, at the top of the cliff where the river breaks over the edge, or find shelter behind the curtain of water.



  • The Golden Circle

Volcanos, geysers, canyons… if you’re looking for an adventure and a unique, wild experience, this is definitely the right place for you!


The Golden Circle offers a whole load of amazing experiences all in fairly close proximity to each other, so you can enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Site with its incredible geology, lava fields and crystal clear lakes, the Geysir Geothermal Area with steaming vents, chimneys and two famous geysers and Gullfoss Waterfall, a magnificent waterfall in a plunging, ancient valley which creates impressive rainbows through its spray.



  • Black sand beaches

Iceland’s black sand beaches make for truly dramatic scenery and photography. There are many along the coasts of Iceland and to visit at least one is a must-do – they are moody, wintery, romantic and breathtaking. But don’t just take it from me… 



  • Reykjavík

The most obvious place to visit in Iceland is Reykavik, and for good reason! Although Iceland and Reykavic are in general notoriously expensive, this is something you should be aware of before jetting off, so make sure you’ve saved up enough to enjoy the shops, restaurants, galleries, port, nightlife, live music and immerse yourself in the city. 


We personally love a mixture of urban and rural photography, so if you’re staying in the city, why not stroll around the streets in your wedding outfits with your photographer before heading off to explore some of the sights listed above? Check our elopement packages for Iceland and get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Photography by Bettina Vass Photography

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