3 ways to elope if Coronavirus changes your big wedding plans

Coronavirus has affected many big wedding plans and events this year, meaning they have had to be postponed to a later date or, in some cases, sadly cancelled due to couples being out of work or their venue being fully booked. 


However, lots of couples are choosing to celebrate on their original wedding date anyway with an intimate ceremony until they can have the big day they had planned, while others are choosing to change their big wedding day celebrations altogether and choose to elope instead. 


I mean it’s obvious that we LOVE elopements, they’re romantic, relaxed, private, they give a couple freedom, flexibility and the ability to create a day and a celebration of their relationship exactly as they choose, without limitations. They can be super low key or as detailed and extravagant as the couple want, but most of all, they can be done almost anywhere and the possibilities when it comes to beautiful and memorable locations is endless. 


If you have had to postpone your wedding or downscale it because of the current pandemic, here are a few ways you could elope instead…



1. Elope on your original date somewhere close to home with an officiant and photographer, and postpone your big wedding celebration for a later date.

This way you can still have a ceremony on the date you planned to, you can get dressed up in your wedding outfits and keep the date as your anniversary.

Your celebrant and photographer would be able to work with you on the day abiding by social distancing, but aside from them being able to hug and congratulate you afterward, this wouldn’t pose any other issues when it comes to performing or shooting your ceremony. 

Then when your big day does come around, you’re likely to feel much more relaxed and able to enjoy it even more than you would have done originally, without worrying about the small details or your own nerves, as you’ve already done the important part together, now it’s much more focused on being able to celebrate with your loved ones! 



2. Instead of planning your honeymoon, plan an adventurous elopement for when travel restrictions are lifted, and postpone your big wedding day as a celebration with your family and friends either before you leave or on your return! 

Although travel isn’t possible right now, making lists of your dream destinations or getting inspiration online of breathtaking elopement locations is a fun way to spend your time in lockdown, and a nice activity to do together! 

You could plan your trip and contact suppliers, and once travel restrictions are lifted, book it in and jet off for an elopement/honeymoon all in one.



3. If you do need to cancel your original wedding plans for financial reasons, eloping can be a much more affordable option. 

Elopements don’t have to be done in a faraway destination which involve air travel and hotel stays, they can also be done close to home in a place you love. 

And if you’re not sure about the possibilities close to where you live, by working with a local photographer they will likely be able to suggest lots of amazing locations that would be beautiful for an elopement ceremony and suit what you are looking for.

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